Information regarding mobile internet service

Imagine having the feeling of freedom always with you – with a mobile internet service that is not only pioneering in speed but also in contract-free flexibility. With 4G-5G technology, we provide outstanding quality, making excellent internet access available in every corner of the country with its speed and reliability. We believe that freedom is not limited by contract terms, so our service is commitment-free. Choose our next-generation mobile internet and enjoy the speed, reliability, and freedom that are not bound by time or place. Experience the future today, with us, you can be yourself in every moment.

Why is it good?

Mobile internet brings revolutionary change to the online world and comes with numerous advantages compared to traditional wired internet. It provides freedom as you're not tethered to cables – thanks to mobile internet, you can enjoy excellent internet access anywhere. With its flexibility, you can connect instantly, whether it's from home, while traveling, or having breakfast at a café, providing immediate access. No more cable clutter or installation wait times – mobile internet is quickly and easily accessible, providing excellent speed. Experience the freedom of wireless connectivity and discover why more and more people choose mobile internet over traditional wired solutions.

  • Our mobile internet package offers unlimited freedom nationwide.
  • With our solutions suitable for industrial use, you can access the internet in places where it was previously not possible.
  • You don't have to worry about anything, just use your internet as much as you want, wherever and whenever you want.
  • There's no monthly fleet fee.
  • There is no contract period, the service can be terminated with a notice period of 30 days.
  • You don't have to pay attention to data usage.
  • No mandatory voice calls.
  • It can be used for industrial purposes as well (e.g., camera system, alarm, smart home).
  • In addition to mobile phones, it can also be used in data sharing devices (e.g., Router).
  • It can be used in EU member states for up to 43.9GB of data usage.

Wifi deplyment related information

In today's modern business environment, a stable and efficient WiFi system is crucial for the smooth operation of business processes. Our company, as a leading expert in network infrastructure planning and implementation, places great emphasis on professionalism and reliability.

Survey and Needs Analysis

Before embarking on the deployment of a WiFi system, the first step is always a thorough survey and needs analysis. Our experienced team analyzes the business requirements, the building's topography, and considers the number of devices and users. This step ensures that the designed system precisely meets the client's expectations and current and future demands.

Design and Optimization

After collecting data, our team develops detailed plans, including the best locations for placing access points (APs), selecting the appropriate frequency bands, and optimizing bandwidth distribution. All of this is done to ensure a reliable and fast internet connection.

Hardware Procurement

Upon approval of the plans, our experts take care of procuring the most suitable hardware. We work with quality equipment to ensure the long-term reliability of the WiFi system.


During the implementation phase, our professionals precisely and efficiently place the access points, optimize the WiFi signal, and conduct tests to ensure system performance. We ensure that interventions have minimal impact on business processes and that workflows continue uninterrupted.

Testing and Troubleshooting

After implementation, we conduct detailed tests to check the system's performance and make improvements if necessary. Our team does everything possible to ensure that the final system operates flawlessly in all aspects.

In conclusion, the result is a WiFi system that provides excellent performance, reliability, and security. Throughout our implementation, we always keep abreast of the latest technological developments to ensure that our clients receive the most innovative solutions.

Information Technology Support Service Information

Information Technology Support Services:

Helpdesk and Emergency Support:

Our trained and experienced support team is available to assist with your everyday IT questions and issues.

24/7 availability for urgent situations.

System Maintenance and Updates:

Regular maintenance activities, including software and system updates, security patches, and optimizations.

Preventive measures to minimize errors and ensure system stability.

Virus and Malware Protection:

Enhanced IT security through the installation and maintenance of virus and malware protection systems.

Protection of data and systems from digital threats.

Data Backup and Recovery:

Prevention of data loss and regular backups of data for security purposes.

Development of recovery procedures to minimize losses.

IT Consultancy:

IT consultancy and planning tailored to business needs.

Assistance in planning and implementing technological developments.

System Monitoring:

Continuous system monitoring for early detection of errors and maximization of system efficiency.

Our goal with our IT support is to ensure seamless and efficient operation for your business. If you have any questions or specific needs, our colleagues are ready to assist. Thank you for continuing to choose us!

The information related to microwave internet service.

About the Technology:

The most ideal method for connecting remote points and sites is wireless computer networking, which can be quickly deployed without the need for demolition or cabling. It can be easily relocated at any time without the requirement for fixtures, distributors, connection cabinets, etc., causing no disturbance during installation. Another option is to wirelessly connect larger remote points (networks) to the existing network. There's no need to discard the existing traditional network; the radio network can be attached to it or expanded with radio stations. The connection is highly secure and can be applied even in places where interference and eavesdropping are important factors. The transmission speed can reach several hundred megabits per second, depending on the customer's requirements.

Technical Details of Internet Service:

The feasibility of access deployment is determined based on preliminary on-site surveys according to the order.

Internet service can be accessed through an access point installed on the building's roof, which the Provider establishes to the Subscriber's specified user endpoint. The service is delivered via UTP/FTP Ethernet network. The connector must be directly connected to the computer/router/server ethernet port.

Advantages of our Internet Service:

Mobility, independence from other providers and cable networks Quick deployment, one-time free relocation High bandwidth, low package delay With symmetrical package selection, the speed is the same in both directions, allowing for extremely fast sending of larger emails and detailed live camera images can be streamed almost in real-time. Increasing or decreasing the bandwidth of the internet service does not incur additional one-time costs, only the package prices change There is no need to acquire or lease other special hardware devices because subscribers receive the network connection ready-made The entire network is managed, with 24-hour error reporting processing and the start of troubleshooting within 12 working hours in case of error VOIP landline phone option Better than 99% annual uptime Guaranteed speed (domestic) is at least 80% of the purchased bandwidth Average delay (BIX) <10 ms Server operation from the endpoint 1 public fixed IP address

Tuned to your speed

Unlimited Mobile Internet service Starting from 8900 HUF / month!

Understood! Providing stable and fast internet in Balaton and its surroundings is our priority.
*Now available nationwide!
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